September 25, 2022

Management Demands Customers Have to Wait No Longer Than 15 Seconds, Employees Comply and Nothing Else Gets Done

Anyone who has in fact ever worked retail understands how difficult it is dealing with a consistent stream of consumers while youre attempting to do inventory or stock racks. Its a total mind destroyer that seems to tear your brain into 2 as you consistently attempt to change in between talking to customers and after that refocusing on your task– prior to being, again, needed to handle the next customer. As the minutes and hours pass, you start to acknowledge that youre not making any headway on restocking today and lastly submit to being stuck at the front counter. Some kinds of retail need consistent handholding, and so, as long as there is a client in the shop, you will need to be directly at their side. Other retail types are a little numerous, and customers are happier to browse by themselves; this appears to be the kind of area explained in the story, which was shared by u/BobertGnarley to the r/MaliciousCompliance subreddit.