December 3, 2022

Monday Memes: 20 Workplace Memes to Battle The Monday Blues (March 14, 2022)

Its time to go back to bad a fresh cup of coffee, little talk with colleagues, and after that get prepared for another week behind the desk. Youve got a long method to go until Friday afternoon rolls around nevertheless fear not, there will be plenty in shop to keep you populated this week.Tear through this list of work memes throughout your very first 30-minute restroom break as you wistfully imagine warm days at the beach with a cool lemonade in hand. We d now like to ask forgiveness ahead of time for the atrocity that is about to follow. “If you discover youre feeling blue.Scroll on, asyoure wont to do.There is a mix of brand-new and old (and some ancient JPEGs in there too.) Your workweek may have simply begun.But you still have time to have some fun.As, while in the bathroom you hide away.Your managers needs are held at bay.Coffee might numb the pain these best.But these memes, they must do the rest. “