October 6, 2022

Outrageous Dad Claims to Own His Daughter’s Apartment, Invites His Friends to Move In

When you have been fortunate enough to develop with relatively routine mommies and dads( what is normal anyhow?), its exceptionally easy to forget how hard some individuals have it. Its hard to believe of having to fret about something that should come quickly. Having is the support of your parents is among those things. They are expected to be there as your core lifeline to direct you through the terrific and the bad. When theyre not only not beneficial however actively antagonistic, that makes things 2 times as hard. Redditor u/calinative07 shared this story to the r/entitledparents subreddit, where individuals share stories about mother and fathers (frequently their own) who are entitled, conceited, or otherwise egotistical. In the story, she explains her relationship with her moms and dads as much less than ideal and explains that she has no contact with him. The male is a massive a-hole and completely delusional. He declares outrageous experiences that have never ever happened and states he owns u/calinative07s home. It has actually gotten so bad that he sent his friends over to her apartment or condo with the promise that they could live there. Commenters, undoubtedly, are fast and scared to condemn her papas actions. Thumbnail Image: Luke van Zyl