September 25, 2022

IT Guy Underpaid at 29k Per Year, Leaves and Costs the Company $40 Million

This underpaid IT specialist waited years for reasonable treatment from his employers. The work doubled and after that tripled, however the pay never ever revealed his efforts. He would not demonstrate how crucial he was to the business up till he left … and cost them $40 Million. Redditor u/slw _ motion_trainwrck shared this story to the r/antiwork subreddit. A subreddit that seeks to raise awareness about employees rights and increase existence on the concerns and mistreatment individuals face from bad companies. Factors and commenters frequently share stories, tweets, and other images to this subreddit and take part in conversation on these topics.u/ slw_motion_trainwrcks story centers on their experience working for a factory in the Southern United States. The factory was based in” an actually little farming town of about 3,000 individuals,”which was absolutely without anyone with the IT experience needed to keep the factory ticking.u/ slw_motion_trainwrck started on a contracted rate of 29k annuallybut worked many hours that they werent even making near what they need to have been. On the other hand, their only other group member was being paid 3x that rate. After the colleague was promoted and not replaced, he approached the ex-worker-now-boss for a raise. Theoffering was absurd, so u/slw _ motion_trainwrck began making strategies to leave. u/slw _ motion_trainwrck found a new job that doubled his pay”for a little fraction of the workload “and handed in hisnotice. When they were definitely not able to replace him, the business realized how crucial he was. This would embed in motion the mess that would quickly follow. _____ For more stories from r/antiwork, have a look at this existing story where a systems engineer found an export of every employees wage and consulted concerning what theyshould do withthe info.