October 6, 2022

Viral Botanist Gets Fired from the Plant Shop He Worked at for Making TikToks, Claps Back

TikToker Quin Shepard posts videos about plants.”I d like to make this video to all the one in charges out there,”he says in the video. Shepard states he completely suggests to continue making his videos moving forward.

TikToker Quin Shepard posts videos about plants. His speciality is dealing with special plants and even has his own online store where he ships the ones he grows out to customers. The videos are either academic botany clips or entertaining plant-related acts. Hes grown a big plant community with his fans and has produced a beautiful safe location for old and brand-new plant enthusiast.Recently, Shepard published a TikTokstating his supervisor saw his TikToks(which are all totally wholesome )and she fired him, through a text … He states in the video, “I understand that this may be thought about as less than professional, but I would never engage with the platform up until I had all of my work done– the function of my TikToks is to inform and notify and to have a little enjoyable.” He also says that she made them work over 8 hour long days without any break allowed.Shepard is clearly distressed by thisrash act versus his TikToks provided that they not did anything nevertheless bring the shop more organization. He was making minimum wage at this store and never felt respected. In charge even needed him to inform her when his” bad and excellent “days are and how hes feeling about his medication. “Unfortunately, my mental health is non of your business, “he says.Fired from plant store: His fans are appalled. A number of them mentioned the only went shopping there due to the truth thatof him and are now going togo shopping in other locations. Though he does add in his remarks that the video exposing his dreadful employer was not a call to boycott the shop.”I d like to make this video to all the one in charges out there,”he says in the video.”You say you well I need to do whats finest for my business and I have to ensure that were growing — are you truly growing if youve had 7 workers in less than one year of service?”The remarks are all on his side, saying that shes lost a great worker and absolutely missed out on the benefits her service couldve had with such a plant influencer as her employee. They even recommend that he might sue her for asking about his” mental health”– particularly since she asked out his medications. Shepard says he entirely suggests to continue making his videos moving forward. Though he states,”please do not pester this service or leave bad reviews. That is NOT what Im promoting, “his clap back video currently has commenters specifying theyre finished with that store.