October 6, 2022

Company Undervalues IT Guy Until He Leaves, Beg Him to Come Back

< img src="https://i.chzbgr.com/original/16514053/hD3FC7A26/antiwork-tech-support-manager-malicious-compliance-it-guy-horrible-bosses-work-reform-16514053"class="ff-og-image-inserted"> This IT man, u/fiveSE7EN, worked for a small business and dealt with everything technical. The pay wasnt great, but some other elements about the job matched his way of living. As there generally is with small organization (you are typically at the impulses of a couple of people after all), some quirks showed up throughout the interview treatment. The company was primarily focused on the truth that the effective possibility must be prepared to devote to five years and provide two weeks notice. u/fiveSE7EN figured that they need to have been burned in the past.Even total stranger was that there was no recommendation of a notification period anywhere when the contract came through. The agreement of a mutual two weeks observe appeared to be spoken only. u/fiveSE7EN would discover out throughout his time with the business why previous IT employees may havejust up and left without notice. He witnessed some normally bad behavior on the company, consisting of seeing in charge sacking people without 2 weeksalert or pay and betraying the very thing he had actually been so obsessed about.u/ fiveSE7EN knew that the business would not have his back when it boiled down to it. Still, when the time came for him to leave, he gavethe employer 2 weeks notice.Despite this, the company was never able to get their act together, and they would quickly learn that they must have valued their IT man more.