December 3, 2022

Baby-Talking Husband Abandoned at Grocery Store, Exasperated Wife Has Had Enough

Get in phase right: This guy.Redditor u/smallslicedskinshubby is not your typical sort of baby-talker. She makes up some examples of her partners distinct dialect. Examples: doggo, pupper, woofer/subwoofer, pibble, hooty-boy, peepo, birb, meowmeow, sammy, sammiches, sammywhammy, chicky nuggies, chicky tendies, including a toddleresque”lisp “to words, and the ones that genuinely get gross are childish euphemisms for genitalia or sex.u/ smallslicedskin has in fact been driven to her straight-out wits end by her consistent direct exposure to this uncommon screen of cuteness and she wants a littlerelief.