September 25, 2022

Twitter Thread: Carnival Promotes Giant Rat Viewing, Woman Kicked Out For Revealing Dupery

Hey buddies! When was the last time you went to a carnival? We can barely remember the last time we went, however we have such fond memories from youth of going to our regional carnivals, playing computer game, and winning cool benefits. The best rewards were the packed animals, certainly. Well, not everyone has such fond carnival memories. The original poster of this hilariously absurd Twitter thread was straight up duped when a carnival charged him an entire dollar to see the worlds largest rat. Wound up, the rat was no rat, it was a big old capybara, and OP exposed this lie to the rest of the audiences! Well, the carnival organizers did not like that she had in fact exposed them, so she was thrown out of the big rat camping tent. And without a refund at that! RIP to OPs dollar, she will not be seeing that when again. Capybaras are the worlds largest rodents, so they do share some cousins with rats, however they are their own types entirely! If youre a long-lasting reader of ICanHasCheezburger, then youll comprehend by now that capybaras are taking control of the world, and they began with this carnival, apparently.