December 3, 2022

Cats Who Chose Literally Anything Over Their Actual Bed

Anybody who has in fact ever owned a cat, looked at a feline, or has actually even simply heard of them in passing understands that theyre not particularly cooperative. Due to the fact that its more likely that your cat is going to take an interest in the box it came in instead of the crucial things itself.Does this mean that cats dislike us? Thats a strong response to have when you weigh twelve pounds, have really never been outside, have all your meals put into your bowl at regular times, and poop in a box, but hey person, its the one we get.Anyway, here aresome cats who would rather lay on a bed of nails than offer their owner the satisfaction of utilizing the bed that was just acquired for them.For some more feline things, here are bad felines who were shamed for their awful criminal activities.