September 25, 2022

People Share the Craziest Things Their Exes Did After Breakups

If you dont have an ex who makes this list, consider yourself fortunate. There are clearly some real winners out there and it makes you question what was worth dating about them in the extremely first place. How do you deal with someone for 2 years simply to have them reverse and go completely psycho on you over the break up? Im sure a great deal of us have in fact done things in the heat of the minute that we werent happy with … But the premeditation and choice in a few of these is off the wall.Take, for instance, EternalCampers sweetie who made hazards of self-harm after their separate. Take, scienceisanarts example where her ex tried to frame her for stalking him and even declared to have security video footage of the truth. The thing was, scienceisanart was living in a completely different state at the time! So it would have been difficult for her to even have actually been from another area close adequate for the supposed claims to happen. Crazy is as insane does I suppose. __ For more dating woes … Check out this story from a Tinder exchange where the man tried negging his match simply to have a total crisis when she challenged him.