December 3, 2022

Colleague Tries to Get IT Guy Fired, He Turns the Table On Them With Secret Evidence

When a troublesome colleague tried to implicate this IT male of harassment he presently was holding all the cards. He turned the tables on her with undeniable evidence.Redditor, u/-Morgoth-The-Great-, worked as Tech assistance for a big corporation. He exposes that he had some trust issues with his colleagues. “Now, I have some trust issues, and usually see a workplace as a minefield, and tend to have a “my coworkers are the enemy” mentality.”This led him to ensure that he always had his dependable audio-recording pen with him. I would more than likely question a few of the principles included with this. Recording people versus their will is something that I disagree with. Individuals have a right to their individual privacy that needs to be valued. However, -Morgoth- notes that taping individuals without authorization is legal in the state that he lives in.Regardless of my individual thoughts, it was Lucky that -Morgoth- had the pen with him when this event occurred. When he was challenged by security and marched to HR he had the ability to prove his innocence and turn the tables on his accuser.