October 6, 2022

This Bath Mat Turns Bloody Red When Wet

Have you ever preferred a present that just shouted “OMG, Ive severed an artery! Am I all set to hit completion game at life?” You have? Genuinely? How about a bath mat that makes it appear like you just walked through a crime scene? That must do it! Meet the Bloody Bath Mat! When it gets moist, the color changing bath mat that becomes bloody red. The smallest quantity of water produces the blood impact immediately. The red that appears in a red deep color, truly genuine to what you d anticipate if you had actually cut yourself. When timed, a little splatter dries and disappears in 5 minutes; the bigger drips takes 15 minutes. Perfect timing for it to be gotten ready for your next victim. The mat itself is pretty thin, so its not for everyday use, more effective like a gag present or Halloween design. < img class="alignnone size-full wp-image-114992 "src ="https://sadanduseless.b-cdn.net/wp-content/uploads/2022/01/bath-mat5.gif"alt ="Bloody color altering bath mat." width="660" > If you want to turn your toilet in a bloody murder scene, you can get this mat on Amazon.