September 25, 2022

Best Man Roasts Bridezilla With Wedding Toast, Drama Ensues

Wedding season remains in maturity, and with all of the romantic celebrations comes an environment thats ripe for dramas and emotional implosions to break out at a minutes notification. In this case, it seems like the best man let his temper and strong annoyance of his buddys bride get the best of him. What ensued was a rather nasty wedding toast. He chose to consult from the ethical judges of Reddits AITA area to see whether he was in the incorrect. A reasonable range of people remained in contract that he mayve managed the situation better than he did. Theres a time and an area for those harsh words to come out. Most likely not best to let loose spoken havoc at the real wedding. For some more wedding event drama check out this vegan who wanted a wedding event visitors vegan meal, got called out, and then pitched a complete fit.