December 3, 2022

Drone Pilot Captures the Moment Ice Collapses and Dumps Crowd in Frozen River

This wild video footage released to Reddit by u/id397550 reveals a crowd of individuals being discarded into a frozen river for standing too close together. Its surprising that this crowd of people thought that standing so close together on a thin sheet of ice was a great principle. We just cant quite determine why not a bachelor thought that through. It is made even worse by the fact that they stampede as the ice starts to collapse and make the entire thing worse.Props to our dronepilot for managing to make it out of there and keep his drone in the air so that we can see all of this unfold.Dont fret, as it seems the water was calm andshallow and everyone made it out safely. For more ridiculous drone video check out this man being followed by a drone on his sci-fi hoverboard.