December 9, 2022

Angelic And Devious Pets Rockin Around The Christmas Tree: ICanHasUsers Edition

Ah Christmas, the most wonderful time of the year. The time of year where we collect with our homes and sit round-side a beautiful Christmas tree decorated by the dearest individuals in our lives. For household animal owners this experience can look a little … numerous. Weve done our research study and weve discovered that around 50% of family pets are angels that belong atop a Christmas tree (not literally, though!) and about 50% are devilish hooligans who chomp at wrapping paper and wreak havoc on the festivities. What was that? Did we just hear the glass shattering from an accessory dropping? Hmm, now who might be accountable for that?We asked and our users provided, we have actually put together for you a sincere collection of ICanHas Users family pets rocking around their Christmas trees! Some are devils, some are angels, but around this time of year our minds are concentrated on something and something just, expanding vacation cheer for all to hear! Whichs why we will forgive our devious animals for ruining our trees, supplies, and designs. And commemorate our angelic family pets alike! Thats what the vacation is whatever about. Merry Christmas, ICanHas-ers!