October 6, 2022

Manipulative Mom Thinks Daughter Is Lying About Injury, Forces Her To Do Yardwork, ER Visit 3 Days Later Confirms Sprain

There comes a time in everyones life when they recognize they require to shut up, take a seat, and withdraw. And we can just hope that moment has in fact gotten here for OP as she went through the callous actions to her AITA post. Simply what went down you ask? We want we were making this up. OP/Mom picks to neglect her 15 years of age kids pain issues due to her history of lying (she typically fabricated conditions at age 9), and makes her do substantial yardwork all weekend. Turns out, child has a sprain that will now take longer to heal due to her moms horrible indifference. And after that whats the kicker? Mother tells her daughter to LIE to healthcare professionals about the time frame in which her pain began, so mom might conserve her own butt and not be questioned by DSS. Funny how that works aint it? Also, OP draws for pretending to be SO morally annoyed at her daughter lying to her in years previous (which is in reality quite developmentally regular for kids to do) however then asking her daughter to LIE FOR Her to the physician. Remarkable, really interesting. A huge middle finger approximately this manipulative mom.