October 3, 2022

Freeloader Husband Refuses To Buy Christmas Gift For Wife, Confesses He Only Married Her For Her Money

Lets talk a bit about marriage. Marital relationship aint easy, thats for darn sure, however its worth it when you share a strong bond with your life partner. OPs dreadful imbecile hubby sees her as a strolling ATM and nothing else, and he makes that kindly clear to her after refusing to purchase her a Christmas present declaring that she ismaterialisticfor even wanting a present. This follows he has really currently made a number of Christmas gifts, all of which OP has actually already purchased for him. And after that he goes even additional and in fact admits to this bad woman that he only wed her to utilize her as a monetary sponsor.It fills us with rage that revolting individuals like OPs partner exist and it fills us with a lot more rage that bad OP does not appear to have the self-esteem to stand up for herself and kick this complimentary packing jerk to the curb. Begin, sis. This self focused butt-wipe you call a partner CLEARLY does not deserve you @ OP.