December 3, 2022

Offensive Crayons Guaranteed To Bring Out The Worst In You

If your preferred activity is being angered, or your preferred methods of spreading out holiday cheer is angering others, prepare yourself for hours of fun with Offensive Crayons. Our chosen color options: “Baby Shit Green”, “Communist Gulag Red”, and “Your Parents Divorce Was Your Fault, Peach”. Wait, theres more! In honor of not flying to see your household this year, crap presents without any gift receipt you just have to contribute to Goodwill, which jolly fat white mass of heart problem waiting to occur hosting lap sessions through Zoom, Offensive Crayons: Holiday Edition! Wait, theres more!! Coloring even further outside the lines of political correctness is the political addition to the you-oughta-be-ashamed-of-yourself editions for all the gamers on Team America out there, the Offensive Crayons: Red, White, and F * ck You Edition. However wait, theres porn!!! Yeah, thats right. Porn. The Offensive Crayons Porn Pack came out in Summer 2020 … and its merely continued coming because. The bad darling of the doodle worlds most incredibly terrible set yet consists of 24 smuttily-named colors proper simply for horny individuals 18 and up. However what you should color with these crayons? Take a look at our list of coloring books for grownups. We have some terrific alternatives kept in mind there. Like “Farting Animals Coloring Book” or “Cat Butts Coloring Book”.