October 6, 2022

Irritated Contractor Feels Unreasonably Duped By Freight Price After Declining Estimate

OP operates in wholesale distribution of structure items and deals frequently with stressed specialists excited to finish their existing jobs and cash in. One such stressed professional recently connected to him in a middle of a high pressure high pay task requesting for an instantaneous shipment of some unknown building pieces that luckily, OP had in stock. After reducing an expense quote, said professional is shocked when the monetary damage of the over night shipping is exposed to him a week later. Which asks the question, why not take the extra thirty seconds and request a rate quote? Beats us, all we understand is that this guy might utilize a chill tablet and ASAP as in get it to him a few days ago as in we do not care just how much it costs to ship. We completely took pleasure in checking out OPs recount of pleasantly putting this unreasonably angry professional in his location.