October 6, 2022

This Month’s Funniest Internet Finds

, and other fantastic thoughts that would appear in pet dogsminds if they got high.Hilariously Cringy Dadjokes + Stock Photos– When dadjokes and stock photos come together, the blends they produce are so bad, they are in truth kinda good.Artist TurnsAnnoying Potholes Into Funny Mosaics– Artist Jim Bachor has been taking the job upon himself to take care of Chicagos roads by filling them with funny pit mosaics … and its brilliant.Pop Culture Icons Recreated With Sausages– This gallery is precisely what you think it is: sausages impersonated stars, art pieces, and cartoon characters.Pictures Taken From Exactly The Right Angle– Perspective matters. Even this gallery.Funniest Dog Videos Of All Time– We understand the value of a terrific amusing family pet video, so heres a list ofour 6 finest viral puppy videos of all time. You just mindlessly scroll through random amusing images, of course!Why You Shouldnt Do Comedy In Nice Places– Check out this genuinely mind-opening video that we can discover from.Animals Caught Doing Funny Things– From a jet-propelled seagull to a gorilla picking its nose, thesewonderfully amusing animal images are sure to make you giggle.Capitalism vs. Socialism vs. Libertarianism– Are you having a difficult time to appropriately comprehend these-isms?