December 9, 2022

Meet the Winners of the 2021 Imgur Pet Show!

Wow! What a 2 weeks it has actually been. Thousands of family pets have battled it out across 5 classifications to make this the BIGGEST PET SHOW EVER.

8,709 entries were sent this year and our judges have had their work cut out for them seeking the most popular skill from all these incredible submissions. Every pets a winner in our book, however here are a few of our standout favorites from the event.

Lets satisfy your finalists.

Without any more ado, lets get stuck into this years finalists. Each finalist soared to the top of their particular categories, and each was extremely close, with magnificent skill throughout the board, and across all types. These finalists were picked by YOU, by the power of your upvotes. Each animal was then vetted by our talented pet-expert judges @sarah, @LSparkles, and @thevaiobandit101 to choose a sole Best in Show.

The majority of Photogenic 2021

Up on the podium is a brand name new classification this year, Most Photogenic 2021 was the most fiercely objected to area in 2021s Pet Show with 2,559 entries. Of course, only one could declare the crown and that eminence goes to none other than eight-month-old Corgi/Aussie mix Roxy and owner @dasangry1!

Roxy wowed Imgurians with her grace and style in front of the camera, positioning all over and strutting her way to victory. With those stunning eyebrows and grade A+ corgi butt, Roxy is a deserving winner of Most Photogenic 2021.

Meet Roxy! Our 8 week old Corgi/ Aussie mix.

Loki dealing with the stairs for the very first time

Pawing their method to success in this years Top Trick category was no mean accomplishment as amazing daggos, smart cats, and all manner of precocious animals went paw-to-paw with a shocking display of skill. There could be just one, and that honor falls to Loki and owner @urxgf666 who soared to the top area with a program of incredible guts from small infant Loki.

Loki tackling the stairs for the first time

Leading Trick 2021

Taking on frightening stairs, Loki conquered his worry of heights to dominate not just those steps, however the competition as well, declaring their area as leading canine in Top Trick 2021.

Raya the sweetheart

Wonderful and weird 2021

It took weeks after we embraced our gorgeous huge lady to make a noise- then one day we found she has a charming singing voice!

A celebration of distinct animals, Weird and Wonderful is constantly bursting with gorgeous creatures of all sizes and shapes, and taking gold in this menagerie of an event takes serious abilities! Beaming in like a ray of fluffy sunlight is the gorgeous Raya and Imgurian @hereforthetrampoline.

Strutting your stuff on the catwalk might be frightening for some, however for the winner of this years Best Dressed its a way of living. Spectacular Imgurians and judges alike, style-killer cat The Pizzacat and aptly called Imgurian @thepizzapartycat came dressed to impress.

It took weeks after we adopted our beautiful big girl to make a sound- then one day we found she has a lovely singing voice!

Rupturing at the joints with barks, meows, chirps and far more, this years Cutest Sound was a cornucopia of cute noises. Just one might be pitch pawfect, and sweet talking their way to the top was Charlie and owner @noproblllama.

Best Dressed 2021

Raya was a moo-ver and shaker, increasing to the top right at the end of this years pet program, putting the competitors out to pasture with her stunning fluffiness, as Imgurian citizens were herd loud and clear, making Raya the perfect winner for Weird and Wonderful 2021.

Both regulars in Most Viral with their innovative costuming and perfect prop work, we were dealt with to a display of scenes from sushi restaurant to gym feline, each with intricately developed sets breaking with detail; making The Pizzacat a worthy winner of Best Dressed 2021.

Showing off her gorgeous singing voice, half dane-shepard Charlie let fly with full-on tail-wagging, head-throwing woofs that caught the hearts of Imgurians, and landed her an area as the cutest of the Cutest Sounds 2021!

My cat pizza outfit collection

Prettiest Sound 2021

Raya the sweetheart

Best in Show

Thank you to our finalists, and to everyone who went into, we cant wait on the 2022 Imgur Pet Show.

The Pizzacat! It was a difficult choice, and our judges enjoyed each and every entry, but they all agreed that The Pizzacat provided an all-around best efficiency. Our judges were blown away not only by the beautifully crafted sets and costumes however the remarkable persistence of the kitty design. Our judges summed up with, “Pizzacat is living their life to the maximum 100%. Much care and time and creativity and love for Pizzacat and it all just shines.”

The Pizzacat wins the coveted Best in Show title, custom-made artwork from Imgurian artist @Smawg, 6 months of Imgur Emerald, and a $200 donation to an animal charity of their option. Each of our finalists will get three months of Imgur Emerald, a lot of treats, and the Lucky Winner trophy for their profile.

The 2021 Imgur Pet Show Best in Show award goes to …

Ladies and gentlemen, this is the moment youve been awaiting. The puparazzi are ready. Our judges have been disputing long into the night between these fiercely charming competitors.

See you next year!

Without any more ado, lets get stuck into this years finalists. Each finalist soared to the top of their respective classifications, and each was incredibly close, with amazing skill throughout the board, and throughout all types. Each family pet was then vetted by our gifted pet-expert judges @sarah, @LSparkles, and @thevaiobandit101 to pick a sole Best in Show.

The Pizzacat!

Thousands of animals have actually fought it out across 5 classifications to make this the BIGGEST PET SHOW EVER.

The 2021 Imgur Pet Show Best in Show award goes to …