December 9, 2022

Did Trump Build a Replica Oval Office at Mar-A-Lago?

While Trump has shown numerous products in both offices, this hardly qualifies as “building” a duplicate or reproduction Oval Office. As you can see in the images above, Trump did not have an oval-shaped room constructed at Mar-A-Lago to reproduce the specific dimensions of the Oval Office. He did not decorate the workplace with the same curtains, lights, carpets, or flags. He just had a few of the products he showed in the Oval Office transferred to his new workplace in Mar-A-Lago..

DESK: While Trump couldnt take the 141-year old Resolute Desk from the Oval Office, he now has a similar-looking desk that appears to be the Telluride Wood Executive Desk from “Hooker Furniture.” The desk currently retails for $3,600 however is presently out of stock till late next month.
CHAIR: Trump utilized the exact same chair in the Oval Office, which he brought down from New York, according to a former White House official.

The only products that come close to “duplicating” the Oval Office are Trumps desk and chair. The chair is reportedly the exact same chair he used in the Oval Office. Trump did not bring the Resolute Desk with him to Oval Office, but he did acquire what appears to be a “Telluride Wood Executive Desk,” according to Politico, that rather looks like the historic Oval Office desk..

Heres the picture from Miller (left) and a picture of Trump in the Oval Office (best):.

The claim that Trump had a reproduction Oval Office built in Mar-A-Lago is also unproven. Trump did bring some personal items from the Oval Office down to Mar-A-Lago. While Trump has shown different items in both workplaces, this barely qualifies as “building” a replicate or reproduction Oval Office. As you can see in the images above, Trump did not have an oval-shaped space built at Mar-A-Lago to duplicate the particular dimensions of the Oval Office.

Trump did bring some personal products from the Oval Office down to Mar-A-Lago. One piece of office décor found in both offices can be seen on the right of Millers picture: A set of household pictures. Left wing of Millers image, you can also see Trumps collection of “Challenge Coins,” a celebratory coin that is generally offered to people to prove membership in a particular organization or branch of the military, that were displayed in both workplaces..

In May 2021, a rumor began flowing on social networks that previous U.S. President Donald Trump had actually developed an exact replica of his White House Oval Office at his Florida club Mar-A-Lago. This report was mainly based upon a meme that also claimed Trump was investing his days seeing old videos of his governmental rallies in addition to footage from the violent aftermath of the “Stop the Steal” occasion in Washington, D.C., that resulted in his second impeachment:.

In amount: Trumps office at Mar-A-Lago is embellished with some of the same products that he displayed in the Oval Office. The former president did not, however, construct a replica of the Oval Office in Florida.

The claim that Trump had a replica Oval Office constructed in Mar-A-Lago is also unproven. This report stems from a photograph posted by previous White House aide Stephen Miller in April 2021. When outlets such as Express penned short articles about this photograph, they used deceptive titles like “Donald Trump clones White House with his reproduction Oval Office at Florida house.” While there are definitely some resemblances in between Trumps workplaces at Mar-A-Lago and the White House, the former president did not construct a replica Oval Office in Florida..

The claims made in this meme are fabrications. While we do not understand Trumps daily schedule, there have been no reputable reports that he has actually been obsessively watching old project rallies or video footage of the Capitol riot.

Politico composes:.