December 9, 2022

Did a Woman Force Dogecoin Millionaire To Impregnate Her?

In May 2021, a scrap news short article declaring that a female named “Jenifer Garcia” had required her Tinder date– Dogecoin millionaire named “Tomas Martinez”– to have sex with her in an attempt to conceive a child was extensively spread on websites such as 4chan, Reddit, iFunny, and the Bodybuilding and AR15 forums:

This post was first published on on May 7, 2021. This is not a reliable source for news. While its simple to miss out on, this site does bring a pseudo disclaimer at the top of their page that states “nuusparodie waarvan jy hou” which translates from the Afrikaans language to “News parody you like.”.

This is not a real news story. This is a piece of fiction that was published to a scrap news website..

Weve covered a couple of other short articles from this site in the past. For circumstances, an insect repellent company did not employ a Ugandan man whose flatulence was known to be fatal to mosquitos, bee stings do not cause irreversible penis augmentation, and a male contraception test did not trigger testicles to explode..