December 9, 2022

Are People Hoarding Gas in Plastic Bags During the Shortage?

Both of these pieces of media are real, however neither relate to the May 2021 gas scarcity in the southeastern United States. Both of these images are a number of years of ages, and one was taken outside of the United States..

Oh, shit. #gasshortage? Much better get a couple extra bags.
— Fiendishly Yours, (@FiendishlyYours) May 11, 2021.

Do not fill plastic bags with gasoline.
— US Consumer Product Safety Commission (@USCPSC) May 12, 2021.

Much better choose up a couple extra bags. One catch: Gasoline is heavy! Naturally, this led to a blowout of the ladys first bag, spilling fuel all around the pump. Thats when she double-bagged the very first bag anyway and put it in her Honda Accords trunk.
According to Rudisons wife Aisha on Facebook, the female in the video was warned several times by a couple of other people around her not to fill the plastic bags with gas prior to Rudison started filling. reported at the time (equated by means of Google):.

While neither of these pieces of media were taken in May 2021, some people truly were “panic purchasing” gasoline amidst reports of lacks.

On social media, images and videos started to circulate that apparently revealed how some individuals were utilizing plastic bags to transfer their surplus gasoline. One photograph supposedly revealed a cars and truck trunk filled with plastic bags filled with gasoline:.

Reports about individuals filling up plastic bags with fuel prompted the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (USCPSC) to offer some blunt advice on social media:.

The USCPSC went on to prompt people only to use containers that have been particularly approved to carry fuel:.

Chauffeurs from the East Coast through the Deep South, afraid that a cyberattack on a 5,500-mile long pipeline may leave them stranded, rushed to fill up their vehicles Tuesday, leaving some stations across the area short on materials of fuel.
The cyberattack Friday on the Colonial Pipeline resulted in the surge in need that saw cars lined up at gasoline station and costs leap anywhere from 2 to 10 cents in a day.
The East Coast reported a 32.5% increase in need Monday compared to the previous week, with the Gulf Coast at a 13.1% boost. Since Tuesday night, that need had actually left almost 1,800 stations in Alabama, Georgia, Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina, Maryland and Virginia without gas.

In May 2021, a ransomware attack on the Colonial Pipeline resulted in a disruption of gas services to the southeastern parts of the United States. This, in turn, cause some “panic buying” as individuals hurried to the pumps to fill additional containers of fuel..

The video of the lady filling up a plastic bag at a gasoline pump is likewise several years old. This video initially went viral in December 2019, and apparently reveals a woman at a filling station in Houston, Texas.

Jason Rudison spotted this woman fueling up at the Kroger gas pumps in Houston, Texas, putting gas into a plastic bag ….
One catch: Gasoline is heavy! Naturally, this resulted in a blowout of the womans first bag, spilling fuel all around the pump. When she double-bagged the first bag anyhow and put it in her Honda Accords trunk, thats.
According to Rudisons other half Aisha on Facebook, the woman in the video was alerted a number of times by a couple of other people around her not to fill the plastic bags with gas prior to Rudison began filling. So, I cant blame Jason for remaining far away from this one. She needs tove gotten the tip from those warnings, and sometimes you just need to accept that you personally cant repair silly.

A video apparently revealed a woman filling plastic bags at a gas pump:.

The picture of plastic bags filled with fuel in the trunk of a cars and truck comes from a March 2019 occurrence in which two males attempted to steal gasoline from a filling station in Huauchinango, a city located north of the state of Puebla in central Mexico.

The video prompted the automobile website The Drive to publish a post informing people that they need to never utilize plastic bags to transport gasoline:.

CBS affiliate Kiro 7 News reported:.

” Elements of the Federal Police Gendarmerie Division, in coordination with workers from the Secretary of the Navy, apprehended the chauffeurs of two cars that were transporting more than a thousand liters of gas in plastic bags, in the municipality of Huauchinango, Puebla.”.