December 9, 2022

Did ‘The Goonies’ Inspire Dennis Nedry’s Outfits in ‘Jurassic Park’?

Paying Homage

The TikTok video supposed that 3 particular attires from “The Goonies” (1985) inspired Nedrys closet in “Jurassic Park.”

TIL: Every attire worn by Dennis Nedry in Jurassic Park was motivated by The Goonies.
— Marks Yesterworld (@Yester_World) April 18, 2018

” Steven Spielberg Presents” referred to his executive manufacturer role. “The Goonies” was directed by Richard Donner.The very same concept that some relationship exists in between the motion picture characters and their outfits has actually also appeared in countless tweets.

Its real that Spielberg was an executive manufacturer on “The Goonies” and also directed “Jurassic Park.”

Did you know that in 1993s “Jurassic Park,” there are numerous subtle recommendations to the beloved 80s motion picture “The Goonies”?
So if we remember, Nedry is a weasely man trying to take dino DNA. But lets take a more detailed take a look at his fashion choices.
They seem unusually familiar, right? Well, his attires are direct recommendations to 1985s “The Goonies,” as you can see here.
The factor so is that Steven Spielberg was an executive manufacturer on “The Goonies,” so Im assuming he wanted to admire that movie.

The original individual who appeared to make the possible connection was Reddit user shadewfb.

Dennis Nedry

Nedry, who was depicted by “Seinfeld” actor Wayne Knight, was the tech whiz on the dinosaur island in 1993s “Jurassic Park.”

In the film, Nedry prepared to steal dinosaur embryos and smuggle them out of protected storage in order to make a ton of money. During a violent thunderstorm, he crashed a jeep and encountered a dinosaur, which ended his opportunities of a life of riches.

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In May 2021, TikTok user @jbuckstudios published a brand-new video about 2 popular movies from the past. It claimed that the attire used by “Jurassic Park” character Dennis Nedry were “subtle references” to clothes from “The Goonies.”

It would be quite the cool callback for fans of the films if this could be validated to be true.

The Three Outfits

We reached out to Universal Pictures about the claim, and will update this story should we get a response.

Its true that both Chunk in “The Goonies” and Nedry in “Jurassic Park” both used Hawaiian t-shirts. However, the shirts werent rather the exact same. Nedrys scene with the Hawaiian shirt was on the beach under palm trees. This setting (and Nedrys silly character) perhaps called for a Hawaiian t-shirt regardless of any possible attempt to “pay homage.”

While its certainly possible that Nedrys outfits were deliberately meant to “pay homage” to “The Goonies,” we were unable to discover any confirmation of the claim from Spielberg, Knight, or anybody else included in the movies.

The gray jackets worn by Mouth in “The Goonies” and Nedry were somewhat similar. Nevertheless, it could be argued that if Nedry was genuinely supposed to look like Mouth, he would have used a black T-shirt beneath the coat.

Nedrys 3 outfits that appeared in the video and tweets were a Hawaiian t-shirt, gray jacket, and yellow raincoat.

Its possible that we will one day get confirmation that Nedrys outfits were undoubtedly motivated by clothing from “The Goonies.” Nevertheless, up until that day comes, we have rated the claim as “Unproven.”.

Other home entertainment blog sites consisting of Nerdist and Screen Rant were also unable to formally confirm the claim.

Quick tip that Nedry in Jurassic Park dresses like the Goonies.
— Nick de Semlyen (@NickdeSemlyen) October 3, 2020

Lastly, the yellow raincoats used by Mikey in “The Goonies” and Nedry also appeared to be comparable. Just like the Hawaiian shirt on the beach, it might be argued that Nedrys raincoat in the violent thunderstorm was called for despite any effort for a callback to “The Goonies.”