December 3, 2022

Was a ‘Super Rabbit’ Hit by a Google Maps Street View Car?

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We discovered the place at these collaborates: 49 ° 55 04.5 ″ N 19 ° 56 13.3 ″ E (if those dont operate in a particular mapping application, they can be input into Google Maps: 49.9179269,19.9370267).

The audio in the video is rather loud, so we recommend lowering your volume prior to pushing play.

Discovering the Location.

It shows the animal, which was determined as a “very rabbit” in the video, appearing to be upright and skyrocketing through the air like a superhero.

Absent from the video and many of the remarks was information relating to where this occurred. We likewise looked for out to learn what happened to the animal.

The TikTok video offered just one strong hint: the street name. “Biała Droga” was shown on the ground. This led us to Poland.

In late April 2021, TikTok user @googlemapsfun posted a video of a supposed “very rabbit,” which appeared to be a hare, caught on a Google Maps Street View cam. The TikTok channel, which focuses on interesting finds in Google Earth, was seen 43 million times in its one to two weeks.

The event appeared to have actually occurred right around Biała Droga 2-6, 32-040 Olszowice, Poland.

Did the Animal Survive?

Readers aiming to discover discussion about the odd moment on Google Maps Street View ought to look no even more than Reddit. The pictures have appeared on Reddit a seemingly unlimited quantity of times in the past.

For it to get this high and not be a problem, the animal may have hit the front bumper and after that the windscreen, launching it into the sky. However, there isnt adequate proof to state for specific how it ended up this high in the air:.

Its uncertain if the hare or rabbit survived the incident.No more proof was readily available, as the animal didnt appear in the next image as the automobile continued to drive away.

In amount, according to photos from a Google Maps Street View vehicle, the car struck what seemed a hare and launched it into the air. Its unclear if it survived, as it was last visible landing on its back.

” Super bunny,” as declared in the TikTok video.The animals limbs might have been limp in the fifth picture as it tossed around in the air:.

Heading straight onto the roadway.In the next image, it appeared to have actually been hit by the front side of the car, possibly the bumper:.

The animals head seems upside down here.In the seventh and last frame in which the animal was visible, it looked like it arrived at its head or back. Its legs were pointing up:.

Taking a look at the sequence of 360-degree photos frame-by-frame showed more than the TikTok video exposed.

The TikTok video supplied only one strong hint: the street name. “Biała Droga” was displayed on the ground. The Reddit threads had varying titles. Some examples consisted of “Magic bunny,” “Rabbit getting struck by google maps vehicle,” “flying bunny caught on google maps!,” and “Hare runs throughout the roadway in front of Google Maps vehicle.”.

Its unclear what speed the vehicle was taking a trip at.It then showed up on the other side of the vehicle:.

The animals shadow appeared on the road in a few of the pictures.A pixelation problem showed up in the next image, however the animal appeared to be upside down as it fell to land on the ground:.

In the initial photo the animal was moving towards the roadway:.

Protection on Reddit.

The nature of how the 360-degree video camera catches pictures is why the animal looks extended in this view.The fourth frame is the minute that was seen in the video, which the TikTok user dubbed “incredibly rabbit.”.

The Reddit threads had varying titles. Some examples included “Magic bunny,” “Rabbit getting hit by google maps cars and truck,” “flying bunny captured on google maps!,” and “Hare encounters the road in front of Google Maps automobile.”.