December 1, 2022

No, LeBron James Didn’t Lament That ‘A Girl Can’t Even Stab Her Friends Anymore’

In April 2021, quickly after 16-year-old MaKhia Bryant was shot and eliminated by police in Ohio, a quote seemingly said by NBA gamer LeBron James began to circulate on social networks:

Bryant was shot and eliminated by cops on April 20, 2021, the exact same day that previous Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin was convicted in the killing of George Floyd. As video of Bryants death circulated on social networks, many claimed that the footage showed a cops officer using extreme and deadly force. Others contended, however, that the officers shooting was justified as Bryant appeared to threaten another individual with a knife..

James apparently stated, “Were at the point where a woman cant even stab her pals any longer.”.

James did post a message on Twitter requiring the police accountable for Bryants death to be held responsible. James later erased this message. Learn more about James real declaration relating to Bryants death here..

This was not a real quote from James. This quote stemmed with The Glorious American, a website that bills itself as “satire for the right. And the wrong.”.