December 1, 2022

Live Updates: Verdict Reached in Murder Trial of Derek Chauvin

On April 20, 2021, a 12-person jury reached a decision in the trial of previous Minneapolis Policeman Derek Chauvin, whos been charged in the killing of George Floyd, a Black male, in 2015. The jury began pondering Monday afternoon, April 19.

Around 2:30 p.m. (CDT), a reporter for Minnesota Public Radio tweeted:

Snopes will upgrade this post when the judge reads the jurys decision.

Key Facts of the Trial:

Chauvin, 45, is charged with second-degree unintended murder, third-degree murder and second-degree murder in Floyds death at a Minneapolis benefit store on May 25, 2020. See here for The Associated Press breakdown of those charges.
Chauvin has pleaded not guilty.
The most severe charge carries as much as 40 years in prison.
The jury is comprised of six white people and 6 Multiracial or black people.
The group reached the decision after about 10 hours of considerations over 2 days.

See here for our examination into Chauvins policing profession, and here for a collection of our fact checks about Floyd.