July 30, 2021

This Woman Does Her Makeup On Edibles And I Am In Physical Pain

Makeup artists on YouTube and beauty vloggers make it look extremely basic, anybody whos tried to do their own outfit makeup will tell you that it is not simple. You need to be a master of proportion, have the perseverance of a saint, the precision of a cosmetic surgeon, and a pretty firm grasp on shading and color theory.
Thats why a great deal of people go to school in order to end up being a pro at it, and why a lot of other folks just use masks on Halloween– this shit is hard!
One woman, however, decided that she desired to offer herself an additional challenge when it pertained to this already-hefty job. Brandi TELEVISION, as she is known on YouTube, wished to start a series of costume makeup tutorial videos. Theres a twist.
Before she begins, she gets high as balls.
And when I say “high as balls” I do not imply she takes a few remarkable bong hits prior to paying in front of the video camera. No, no. Brandi chows down on edibles. Now, I do not understand about the rest of you, but my most distinct memory of edibles was being totally great, still being completely fine, blacking out, and then being perched on top of the back of a couch like a cat while nestling a box of Ritz crackers.
Having the ability to achieve actually anything on edibles is remarkable, which is perfectly shown in one video when Brandi attempts to read the label on her structure.
” Classic fass pai– Classic fass paintClassic FOSS ??? * sigh * Classic face paint.”