December 1, 2022

Is This Photo of a ‘Neck Belt’ From the 1960s Real?

Automobile safety standards in the 1960s were more lax than they are now, however they werent suicidal. One would need to picture that they were in order to believe the photograph in a meme distributing on social networks is genuine:

According to the customer advocacy group Center for Auto Safety, seat belts began their evolution as lap belts. In 1958, a Swedish engineer for Volvo invented the three-point restraint, specifically a seat belt that included a lap belt and diagonal shoulder restraint. We discovered no proof of any such style as the one shown above for neck belts– and for obvious reasons it would be an extremely bad concept.

We were unable to discover the source of this photo, which is captioned “A principle design for vehicle safety belts from the 1960s,” the principle appears to have actually been inspired by a scene in the 2008 film “The Onion Movie.”

The neck belt meme reminded some who talked about social media posts of a believed experiment called Tullocks Spike, a concept believed up by economic expert Gordon Tullock, who presented the concern: Do people take part in riskier habits as automobiles get more secure with time? If so, Tullock wondered, would putting a spike in the middle of the guiding wheel persuade individuals to drive more securely, counterintuitively conserving more lives by avoiding more traffic accidents?