September 25, 2022

Did Velveeta Release a Skincare Line?

On March 26, 2021, the official YouTube page for Velveeta published a video about revealing a brand-new skincare line. The cheese company composed that “V by Velveeta” integrated the “essence of beauty” with the “palate of pleasure” and would assist cheese enthusiasts discover their “skins natural, velvety skin tone.”

While this certainly appears like an April Fools Day joke, but Velveeta insists that its genuine. They even established a website,, where individuals can register to be on a waitlist for these cheesy products. On social media, they also insisted that it was genuine:

While this product might be “real” in a sense (it appears that Velveeta truly made limited run of skincare items), do not expect Velveeta to transition from a cheese company to a skin care company. According to The Drum, a marketing news website in the United Kingdom, this skincare line will not be offered after April 1, 2021.