September 25, 2022

Did Elmo Ask To Use a Slur on ‘Sesame Street’?

Wesley tells Elmo that his skin is brown due to the fact that of melanin.” Sesame Workshop has actually constantly stood for diversity, equity, addition, and generosity. Were proud to declare our Coming Together dedication to racial justice, which will be woven into new Sesame Workshop content for years to come.”.

While some who encountered the post may have rapidly recognized that this was a step too far for the childrens program, others might have discovered this quote possible, as “Sesame Street” really has taken on some difficult topics, consisting of bigotry, in its 50-year history..

In March 2021, the Sesame Workshop, the nonprofit behind the childrens TELEVISION program “Sesame Street,” presented two new Black characters as part of its “ABCs of Racial Literacy” program. As Elmo and the other the muppets welcomed Wesley and Elijah Walker to the program, a suspicious screenshot began to flow on social media that apparently showed Elmo asking if it was OK to use a slur if he was singing it in a tune..

” Melanin is something that we each have inside our bodies that make the outdoors or our bodies the skin color that it is. It also offers us our eye and our hair color … The more melanin you have the darker your skin looks.

The above-displayed image, in fact, comes from a scene that dealt with race, albeit in a much less controversial style. Wesley tells Elmo that his skin is brown because of melanin.

” Sesame Workshop has actually always stood for variety, equity, inclusion, and generosity. Were proud to reaffirm our Coming Together commitment to racial justice, which will be woven into new Sesame Workshop content for years to come.”.

This is not a real Elmo quote from “Sesame Street.” The above-displayed screenshot reveals a message that was initially published in jest by “Ol QWERTY Bastard” (@TheDillonOne).

Kay Wilson Stallings, executive vice president of creative and production for Sesame Workshop, said:.

When the Sesame Workshop announced its brand-new ” ABCs of Racial Literacy” content, they described that a person of the objectives of the program was to utilize “age-appropriate language and strategies to address sometimes-tough questions around race and racism.”.

Heres the complete clip from the Sesame Street:.