September 25, 2022

Did White House Press Corps Physically Stand for Biden at First News Conference?

Snopes got in touch with the WHCA to identify whether the group had a main policy on reporters standing when a president enters or exits a room however did not hear back at the time of publication. We will upgrade the post appropriately..

U.S. President Joe Bidens first press conference as president on March 25, 2021, stirred numerous social media gossip, including over whether the White Home press corps had actually physically stuck out of their seats as a sign of regard as he got in the space.

” Please, please, sit down. Thank you, thank you,” were the first words spoken by the president at the start of the news conference. Soon thereafter, members of the press were seen on video taking a seat in their chairs.

During the press rundown, reporters asked concerns concerning Bidens “conflicting messaging” on migration, his strategy to run for reelection, reaction to North Koreas March 24 missile launch, and his stance on Middle Eastern policies– comparable subjects that Trump faced at different times during his presidency.

A Facebook post shared by previous White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany under Donald Trump declared the press corps meant U.S. President Joe Biden “ideal out of eviction.”

Some online users posited that the press corps might be revealing a bias by standing for Biden– and not for previous President Donald Trump. Nevertheless, such guesswork is speculative (in addition to whether standing could anticipate “softball concerns to come.”).

The White House Correspondents Association (WHCA) is a century-old company of journalists, media members, and correspondents collectively known as the White House press corps, and its offices are situated in the West Wing. Members are assigned by numerous publications to cover the president, White House events, and news briefings.

It is real that some members of journalism corps physically stood up as the president went into the East Room of the White House.