September 25, 2022

Did GOP Post ‘Devestating’ Tweet About Education?

This is a genuine message from the GOP account about the importance of education..

On March 21, 2021, a screenshot of a tweet went viral that was allegedly sent out by the main GOP Twitter account and had actually misspelled “devastating” as “devestating”:.

For instance, an ambidextrous pitcher was incorrectly identified “amphibious” by an Oregon newspaper, a GOP senate candidate named Dominic Rapini had his site authorized by the tasty sounding “Dominic Panini,” and a paper heading informed readers that starlet Julia Roberts “holes,” not “roles,” were improving with age..

Typos are, of course, rather widespread on social networks. These typical, ordinary, and innocent errors only tend to gain attention when the typo shows to be ironic, embarrassing, or humorous in some manner.

Some readers may have been skeptical that it was genuine due to the ironic nature of this mistake in a post about education. Others may have been curious as this message was quickly deleted. An archived version of the post can be found here..