September 25, 2022

Did Toronto Restaurant Rename Burgers as Office Supplies?

In March 2021, a rumor began distributing on social media about a Toronto restaurants underhanded scheme to enable customers to cost their meals by renaming hamburgers as workplace materials:

” We simply desired an opportunity to put a smile on some peoples faces and have them have a bit of a giggle,” says Jon Purdy, Director of Operations at Good Fortune Burger.
While many people have actually discovered the upgraded menu as entertaining as meant, a few have actually raised concerns on how this might get workers who try to cost the menu in difficulty.
” Theres no malice planned in it, its all simply enjoyable and games,” Purdy continued.

This is an authentic screenshot of a Toronto restaurants menu. And yes, the “Wired Earphones with Mic” burger was named that way so that individuals could expenditure their meals..

Heres an Instagram post from Good Fortune promoting a dry erase board chicken burger.

This menu originates from the Toronto restaurant Good Fortune. While the bulk of products on this restaurants menu have “regular” names (like the Fortune Burger), they launched a limited-time #Receats (or receipts) menu on food delivery services such as UberEats and DoorDash that consists of “renamed menu products so you can expense them.”.

Jon Purdy, director of operations at Good Fortune Burger, told the Toronto site BlogTo that there was no malice behind this project, which the dining establishment was just attempting to provide people a laugh..