September 25, 2022

Was a Man ‘Beaten to Death’ Outside Rep. Lauren Boebert’s Restaurant?

In March 2021, U.S. Rep. Lauren Boebert, the controversial first-term Republican Congresswoman from Colorado, spoke from the floor of the Home of Representatives, in opposition to a costs that would expand background checks for prospective gun purchasers.

During her brief remarks on March 10, she described a violent occurrence that, in her account, prompted her to bring a handgun on her person at all times, in order to secure herself. According to Boebert, shortly after she opened her dining establishment, Shooters Grill, in the town of Rifle, a male was “beaten to death” outside the diner:

I needed to safeguard myself when I became an organization owner. There was a run-in outside of my dining establishment, where a man was physically [beaten] to death. There were no weapons included. He was [beaten] to death by another mans hand. I have a lot of young girls that work in my dining establishment, and we required an equalizer. Im 5 foot tall. I barely weigh 100 pounds. I need something versus a stronger possible aggressor, to safeguard myself with. Discuss womens rights– do not take my immediately to secure myself..

Throughout her 2020 Congressional race, Boebert stated the story once again, this time in a December 2019 interview with the Durango Herald:.

The reality that Green had a gash over his eye, cuts on his face, and was discovered resting on the ground, in combination with witness reports that he had been in a run-in previously in the night, naturally led the Rifle Police Department to at first examine his death as a potential murder.

The details of that fatal intoxication can be discovered in the toxicology report, which we also acquired, and which can be checked out here..

Boeberts presentation of the story has actually been constant on the crucial points: a run-in; a fatal attack without a weapon; quickly after she opened Shooters Grill; outside or in a street next to the dining establishment.

One witness stated he approached Green, who had injuries to his face and stated he had actually been “jumped.” The witness stated he helped Green to his feet, however Green then staggered and collapsed once again on the ground.
Independently, a Rifle law enforcement officer composed that he showed up at the 200 block of Railroad Avenue quickly after midnight, and found Green resting on the ground, and the witness next to him.
The officer stated Green had a gash over his left eye, and cuts to his face, was not breathing and did not have a discernible pulse. The officer stated that shortly after that, Greens eyes rolled back in his head and blood started to emerge from his mouth.
Another officer and that officer performed CPR, prior to medics took and showed up over, consequently transferring Green to healthcare facility. He was noticable dead in the medical facility later that night.
While performing CPR, the officer said he observed a small bag of white powder “constant with methamphetamine,” next to Green, which he later on took.
Another Rifle policeman composed that a little pipeline, which appeared to have actually been used to smoke methamphetamine, was discovered in Greens pocket.
The same officer checked a sample of the white powder found on the ground next to Green, and wrote that it tested favorable for the presence of methamphetamine.
Two witnesses informed authorities officers that, earlier in the night, they had actually seen Green “tussling” or combating with another man and a juvenile, which at one point Green had knocked the other man to the ground, either by punching or pushing him.

Based upon numerous police reports and witness statements included within the file supplied to Snopes, the following is a summary of the crucial truths. Some of the details might be troubling to some readers..

Boebert has actually consistently declared that a male was “beaten to death” “outside” of her restaurant.

We likewise asked Rifle Police Department for details of any fatal or severe assaults, or discoveries of dead bodies in the vicinity of Shooters Grill, in between February 2013 and August 2014. In action, Rifle police told us just one murder examination had actually taken location in that period and provided a 51-page report on the Aug. 22, 2013, occurrence described in the Colorado Suns article from in 2015..

Some journalists and news outlets were fast to challenge the precision of Boeberts story, calling it “a lie,” “debunked,” and “bogus.” Those reports indicated a September 2020 article published by the Colorado Sun, which presented the following account:.

Snopes asked the representative and advisor to Boebert whether she knew the results of Rifle Police Departments investigation into Greens death, and welcomed the congresswoman to react to our findings. We did not get a reaction..

What Boebert Says Happened.


In 2014, Boebert became something of a star, due to one unique feature of the restaurant– consumers, and also Boeberts mainly female personnel, were permitted and even motivated to freely bring licensed pistols inside the dining establishment. Local and national news protection followed, including sections on CNN and ABC News..

Snopes set out to investigate the truths surrounding Boeberts story. We acquired official Rifle Police Department reports, and an autopsy and toxicology report. Based on those files, we are issuing a ranking of “Mostly False” as to Boeberts claims.

“A man was attacked and he ended up dying, and that really frightened me. That choice, quietly made, led to Shooters being understood as the dining establishment where the servers are honestly armed.

Snopes welcomed a representative and a consultant to Boebert to provide additional information of the incident, as well as any documents, records or report that would support her descriptions. We did not receive a reaction of any kind from them..

” There was an altercation in our back street where a man was physically beaten to death, and it instantly triggered the concern, How will I safeguard my people? So I started to bring that day,” Boebert said. “A few weeks later on, some of my waitresses asked if they could bring, also, and they already had their hide carry permits and had their guns in their bags, and all of us agreed that none of us were comfy having our weapons unattended in our purses in the back, so they began to bring, too.”.

Snopes acquired a copy of that autopsy report, which can be read here. In it, forensic pathologist Dr. Robert Kurtzman found Greens death to be accidental (i.e., not a murder), and the cause of death “methamphetamine intoxication.” The injuries to Greens face were “constant with a fall,” but there were no associated internal injuries, and they were not the reason for his death.

What Actually Happened.

Nevertheless, that possibility was later identified to be “Unfounded” on the main police report, after the results of the autopsy showed Green had, in fact, died of a drug overdose– as the Colorado Sun properly reported in 2015.

Boebert is the proprietor of Shooters Grill, on East Third Street in Rifle. Its not clear exactly when she first opened the establishment, however she formally registered it as an organization on Feb. 25, 2013, according to files held by the Colorado Secretary of States office..

Snopes set out to examine the realities surrounding Boeberts story. Based on those documents, we are providing a ranking of “Mostly False” as to Boeberts claims. I began to carry that day,” Boebert stated. The injuries to Greens face were “constant with a fall,” but there were no associated internal injuries, and they were not the cause of his death.

In the early hours of Aug. 22, 2013, Anthony Royal Green, 37, was discovered pushing the ground in the 200 block of Railroad Avenue, in Rifle. That location is not right away outside Shooters Grill, or in a surrounding alley, however it is within one block and approximately one minutes leave:.

The full report is readily available here. Rifle authorities redacted specific names and information connected to a person who was a juvenile at the time of the event. Snopes made the choice to redact multiple names, phone numbers, and addresses in order to secure the privacy of a number of Rifle authorities officers, medical workers, and members of the public, and since those details were not relevant to the substance of this reality check.

Boebert has actually regularly declared that a guy was “beaten to death” “outdoors” of her restaurant. While a male did pass away in August 2013 after collapsing close to Shooters Grill, he was not discovered “outdoors” of the facility.

On a few events ever since, Boebert has informed the story of a deadly attack outside of or near the dining establishment, and cited it as one of the primary reasons she decided to arm herself at work. The earliest circumstances we might find was available in August 2014, in an interview she provided to The Daily Sentinel newspaper in Grand Junction, Colorado:.

The Rifle Police Department has no record of such a murder. A man did die on the sidewalk down the street from Shooters in the early morning of Aug. 22, 2013. Initially, it was examined as a possible homicide, but an autopsy determined the man passed away from a drug overdose..