September 25, 2022

No, Oprah Wasn’t Wearing an Ankle Monitor During the Harry and Meghan Interview

Followers of the QAnon conspiracy cult regularly declare to see GPS-monitoring ankle bracelets on prominent political figures and stars, and Oprah Winfrey is no exception. During Winfreys bombshell interview with Prince Harry and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, on March 7, 2021, some required to social media to report they believed they saw evidence that Winfrey was using one. Heres an example of one such post, with the users name cropped out for personal privacy:

As we have previously reported, QAnon followers generally think that numerous A-list stars and democratic legislators become part of a satanic, cannibalistic pedophile ring:

Trump is in the middle of a scriptural war against a “deep state,” satanic cabal of baby-eating, child sex-traffickers led by popular members of the Democratic celebration, entertainers who espouse liberal viewpoints, anybody who points out “pizza,” and authoritative sources who relay credible information that might cast an unfavorable light on the president. Advocates of this theory think that one day soon the “storm” will come and Trump, with the assistance of an anonymous high-ranking military authorities understood as “Q,” will round up members of the deep state, jail them, and perhaps have them carried out.

However Winfrey wasnt using an ankle display, nor is she being GPS-tracked by an imaginary “Q” character and a previous president. She was wearing long, brown leather boots, and the bump that individuals saw was just a crease in the material when she sat with her legs crossed.

The latter part of the above paragraph discusses why QAnon followers think so lots of well-known people use ankle screens. The belief system triggers them to try to find signs that those famous individuals are on the brink of mass arrest, as they wait, and wait, for the so-called “storm” of arrests and prosecutions to come.