October 6, 2022

Is Coca-Cola Giving Away Free Bags with Goodies for their 125th Anniversary?

A post on a page incorrectly providing itself as a the Facebook page for the Coca-Cola business suggested that all a person needs to do to acquire a free bag of Coke goodies, including a $20 voucher, was submit a study and connect with a published photo album:

This was not an official promo run by the Coca-Cola company. Instead, it was a “normal like-farming scam created to promote the associated Facebook Page and collect as many new likes as possible.” The link to the “survey” was, in fact, a second scam, redirecting users to a series of unrelated and deceitful offers.

Indeed, because the page was first produced on March 5, 2021, it has actually proliferated from absolutely no to 37,914 followers:

Due to the fact that the page does not represent the Coca-Cola company and is, instead, an imposter attempting to construct a Facebook page and make money off other shady deals, the claim provided is a “Scam.”.

The real Coca-Cola USA Facebook page, for contrast, had 105,301,977 fans at the time of this reporting.