September 25, 2022

Ad Claims To Know “Real Reason Behind Joel Osteen’s Divorce”

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You might be forgiven if you thought clicking on a link for a short article entitled “the real factor behind Joel Osteens divorce” might take you to a place that supplied information about– or a minimum of pointed out– the popular Houston-based televangelist. You would, regretfully, be wrong:

Since this advertisement is a bait-and-switch that supplies no details about Osteen or his imaginary divorce, we rank the related claim “False.”.

That photo is the only time Osteen appears in the story, however– likely since Osteen has actually not divorced and remains married to his spouse, fellow televangelist Victoria Osteen, whom he wed in 1987.

Instead of providing background information about Osteens supposed divorce, clicking the link takes the reader to a 23-page, ad-infested slideshow short article on a website named “” titled “The Most Unbelievably Expensive Celebrity Divorces,” that includes a photo of Osteen and his partner on the title card.