December 1, 2022

No, You Cannot Turn Potato Chips Into Mashed Potatoes

Unlike a great deal of viral food videos, there is no slick editing at the end. This young person is not a liar, and the last “glamour shot” is extremely, extremely real. The chips do not condense into slop and after that amazingly change into fluffy, creamy mashed potatoes; they condense into a watery mess with a wallpaper paste-like consistency, and they stay that way even after they are strained and combined with cheese and paprika (though they do wind up less watery).
Its Elis certainty, their self-confidence, their belief in this bowl of tacky potato mush that makes the video compelling content. Its also what drove me and Joel to make our own bowls of gloppy, cheesy, damp potato chips, despite the fact that we both “know much better.”

There are 3 kinds of food content on TikTok: Stuff that is really helpful, pure shitposts, and truthful material that simply isnt excellent. It might not be immediately clear which type you are looking at if you see this mashed potato hack video from elis_kitchen. If you see it within the context of their other videos, it ends up being generously clear what kind of poster Eli is.

” What is the value in this?,” you may ask. “What did we learn?”

I learned that I am old, which youths are great at persuading me to do silly things with food, even versus my much better judgement, particularly if those silly things exist with the confidence of youth. This is amusing (to me), but it likewise might be practical to other old individuals who are likewise affected by fresh-faced TikTokers, because now you understand that this “hack” definitely does not work, and you can conserve your valuable potato chips (G/O media paid for mine).

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