July 30, 2021

Dreadful Valentine’s Day Stories To Make You Feel Better About Your Own

One year my grandmother welcomed me to supper with her and my grandfather 2 weeks prior to Valentines Day due to the truth that I think she simply assumed I wasnt going to have anything going on. The next year she mailed me a Valentines Day card with a single motion photo pass in it so I might take myself out
– Sloane

Due to the fact that my papa and brother or sister appeared to my class party, I remained in 2nd grade and got truly excited. Wind up my dad was there to select us up from school and take us home due to the fact that my grandmother had actually passed away
– Kathryn

On Valentines Day 2010 throughout the Olympics some man got mad I didnt acknowledge his flirtations so he literally tossed his bag of beers (like a 6 pack) at my face … it harmed … nevertheless not as much as watching him get trampled by the bouncers
– Madison

I had really simply gotten disposed of, it was my very first year away for college, temperature level levels were -30 (Chicago winter) so my mom sent me Oreo Balls to cheer me up. The first one I bit into had half a toothpick in it and I needed to go to instant care to get it removed from the roofing of my mouth
– Becky

Sidelined during a V-Day threesome
– Karli

Ive only ever had one Valentines Day date and it was when me I held the door open for random woman that took place to stroll into a Vietnamese restaurant at the very same time as me and the waiters didnt speak English so they seated us together after we asked them not to and we didnt talk to each other the entire time and she divided the check. It was good
– Joey

The male I was dating took me to dinner (Chilis in case you were questioning) and 30 min after he dropped me off in your house he called me and broke up with me
– Brandy

Initially published February 2019
Valentines Day can be a little bit of a slap in the face if youre not part of a thrilled coupling, and reviewing it I acknowledged Ive had some abysmal Valentines Days, so in an effort to make myself feel better I reached out to my twitter fans and my friends to ask for a few of their worst V-Day stories. Folks, there were some doozies.
Ill get us began.

A person I d been dating for * weeks * in high school got my garage code from my friend, snuck in, MADE MY BED, and then put sweet in a heart shape with a note hid someplace in a little box. I in fact made him a transformers card.
– Victoria

My pet taken in the chocolates I got for my sweetheart and I didnt understand up until he jumped up onto the bed while we were making love and gambled all over us
– Ryan