August 4, 2021

This Cat Is Doing His Best, Okay

Listen. The pandemic has really been hard on everyone, and weve all been coping in various methods. Probably somewhere around 30% of Americans have ended up being addicted to baking sourdough bread, Ive wound up being technique too mentally purchased the lives of the birds that come to my bird feeder and a lot more lax about the definition of “neat” laundry, and the other day I saw a man drop his secrets two times in a row on the walkway and yell “FUUUUUUCK”.
Were all going through it, and Im not an expert but who am I to not extend that belief to include our family pets? I understand for a fact my canine is tired of looking at my face all the time, based on just how much time he invests actively not looking at me and instead gazing out the window now. And I can just imagine this much time required inside with their human beings has really made the felines of the world more than a little outrageous.
So who am I to evaluate this feline who is zoned the hell out as he “beverages” water? Sure, hes not consuming the water, however he appears content enough.
No beverages, just vibes.
Is he a moron as his human claims? Thats certainly a possibility. However my brain has likewise been decreased to, like, 3 cells max over the in 2015, so I ask you: who amongst us is NOT an idiot? Something to consider.