August 4, 2021

Spotlight on Up & Coming Latinx Creators: Tamara Yajia

Tamara Yajia is an Argentinian comic, actress, author and artist. Originally from Buenos Aires, Tam relocated to the United States as a teen. After her households tourist visa ended, she invested a very long time undocumented and credits her previous experiences and Latin heritage for helping discover her voice as a comic.
Her comedy, like the Funny Or Die series Telenovelas Are Hell, helps bring individuals together and is everything about being yourself. Shes been hailed by Playboy as “among the funniest ladies on Twitter.” Tam has composed for Clickhole, The Cut, Merry Jane and Funny Or Die, and is best known for her Funny Or Die series Me Llamo Alma and Movie Mama”– where she gets intoxicated and takes pleasure in a classic or cult film shes never seen before.
For more of Tams work, take a look at follow her on Twitter @danceswithtamis and Instagram @tamarayajia. For resources to support a growing coalition of activists, artists, and leaders promoting adjustment like Tam,