August 4, 2021

Join Me On The Insane Rabbit Hole That Is Dean Browning’s Twitter

Now we do not have time to dissect all of that, but the most burning concern is who is this guy in the video? Is this in fact Dan Purdy?
The short response is, nope! His name is William Holte.
Okay, so the next question is, who the shit is William Holte? I d state “guess” however you actually never ever would.
Google Yeah, the one and just Patti LaBelle. How did he end up as the frontman in this whole scenario, presenting as and mentioning on video that he is this fictitious, uber-conservative gay Black man Dan Purdy?
Thats where things get a little fuzzy.
Turns out William Holte is a Pennsylvania donor to WinRed, an RNC-endorsed fundraising platform for the Republican party. William Holte, aside from being related to Patti LaBelle, is most popular for composing articles on Medium about how much he dislikes ladies (Im not going to link it due to the fact that if you truly want to read that shit you can Google it yourself, hes not getting free clicks here) and how the increase of women obviously means the fall of men.

Was it unremarkable and pretty regular now that the election is over and things have begun to return to the pandemic new-normal? Well, sorry to inform you that part of your day is over.
Buckle up, fuckos, shit will get so strange.
Okay, for those of you who, like me, are not familiar with minor players in the Republican Party, Dean Browning is a Pennsylvania-based Republican who ran for Congress this year and lost in the primary in June. Today, however, he handled to turn into one of the most discussed Republicans in the whole country– for the worst, most ridiculous factor.
Earlier today, in reaction to one of his own tweets, Dean Browning tweeted this. Twitter If youre puzzled and believing, Wait, is that Dean Browning, a whole entire blue-eyed white guy who is married to a woman, stating that hes a “Black gay guy”?
So, the question is, what the fuck?
As sleuths on Twitter rapidly discovered, this exact language matches a various account bearing the name of Dan Purdy and a cartoon of a Black man as the display screen image. Well, you know all the talk of phony accounts and “Russian bots” out there on Twitter and Facebook whose sole purpose is pressing particular political narratives and agendas?
” Dan Purdy” is a phony, alternate account Dean Browning was utilizing in order to make his severe right-wing views appear supported and backed by the very people they target and threaten the most: People of color, particularly Black individuals, and the LGBTQ+ community.
In brief, Dean Browning was masquerading as a gay Black man to push his agenda. Equal parts deeply troubling and amusing, ideal? But wait, theres more.
It didnt take wish for this severe fumble to catch fire and spread all over Twitter, which suggested Dean couldnt precisely sweep this under the carpet and carry on. So about an hour after Deans “I am a gay Black man” tweet, the supposed owner of the Dan Purdy account tweeted a video addressing these claims and rejecting whatever, which was then quote-tweeted by Browning himself.
The video was gotten rid of from Twitter due to the fact that the Dan Purdy account was suspended (which we will get into later) so here is a screenshot, followed by the transcript.
” Hey men, my name is Dan Purdy, and I am certainly a gay Black male. The message that you saw on Deans twitter was published– I do not actually understand how it was posted, however I did send it to him, since I had a problem with how people of my race and sexual persuasion are treating Donald Trump. I sent that message to Dean, Dean accidentally published it somehow, and thats the end of the story.
The internet is eternal, however, so if you wish to enjoy the video you can here.

Screenshot|Medium Screenshot|Medium

This shows the account I am currently active on … Screenshot|Twitter
… however if I click that bar, I can switch between both the accounts I have access to Screenshot|Twitter.

As sleuths on Twitter rapidly found, this specific language matches a various account bearing the name of Dan Purdy and a cartoon of a Black male as the screen photo. Well, you understand all the talk of phony accounts and “Russian bots” out there on Twitter and Facebook whose sole purpose is pressing specific political stories and agendas? Remember when I stated the Dan Purdy Twitter account was suspended, and that we d get into that later? Dean was tweeting from his own account and looking through the comments of his most recent tweet, and he responded as Dan Purdy before changing to that account. It took over an hour for the 55-second video from “Dan Purdy” (William Holte) because Dean had to get in contact with William, the one who normally ran the fake account( s), fill him in on what happened, figure out what to do from there together, compose a script for the video, and most likely record a couple of takes.

Okay, so weve established that they both draw. But how does that connect them?
Well, thinking about that William Holte is a Pennsylvania-based Republican donor with some quite shitty and loud personal views and literacy in social networks, it makes good sense that he would link with Dean Browning, a Pennsylvania Republican political leader who is A) similarly shitty, B) white and therefore is already taken more seriously in the Republican Party, and C) has a sought after ~ * confirmed * ~ badge on Twitter running for Congress and wishes to make his alt-right views attract citizens outside his normal base– immigrants, people of color, and those who think women should have more rights than an attack rifle would if it were to grow legs and start talking.
The question stays … who is Dan Purdy?
Both of them! They both are! Dan Purdy, similar to Santa Claus, is the collective work of more than one imagination, and is totally phony.
Keep in mind when I said the Dan Purdy Twitter account was suspended, which we d get into that later? Now is later on. Although in between the two of them, William Holte is the media-savvy and experienced one, he has a signature, the same way bad guys in murder-mysteries carry out in that its distinct and intentional and seems actually fucking dumb to leave behind if you dont wish to get captured.
He uses the very same specific display photo for his fake Twitter accounts– of which there have actually been numerous, because they get suspended for being fake accounts– as he provides for his genuine, personal Facebook account.
Screenshot|Twitter Screenshot|Facebook
Absolutely nothing states genuine like putting “Im a gay black gay guy” in your bio
And the only manner in which the tweet planned for “Dan Purdy” might wind up coming from Dean Brownings Twitter account is if either Dean or William didnt understand they were signed into the wrong account when they tweeted it, and the only way they wouldve been puzzled about which account they were signed into is if they had actually signed into numerous accounts and could toggle back-and-forth between them in Twitter
You do not have to sign out of any of them in order to switch in between them if you have the login details for more than one account. I can access my own individual Twitter account, but I can also access the Funny Or Die account.

If youre “quoting a message” from a follower … who posts that without, like, a minimum of quotations? If this message was from recently, why would you just publish it now? In response to a really specific reply to a tweet from two days earlier? “Sorry if context was not clear”? Do you imply, “sorry if context was unclear based upon the truth I offered no fucking context since there is none to provide”? And, okay, if you can figure out how to paste+ copy somebodys message into a tweet then you absolutely understand how to not hover the cursor over the “tweet” button and click it before youre all set to. If you simply hit Enter, Twitter doesnt post tweets. The next action from Dean Browning took a whole hour, which was when he quote-tweeted the video from William Holte impersonating “Dan Purdy.”.
So, why did it take twenty minutes to recognize that the tweet was published from the wrong account? And whats with the delay between Deans tweet resolving this and William Holtes video?
Since Dean was the one who screwed up.
Dean was tweeting from his own account and browsing the remarks of his most current tweet, and he replied as Dan Purdy prior to switching to that account. He doesnt get social networks and he didnt believe to take a look at which account he posted from once he hit Enter; it took him twenty minutes to realize the error due to the fact that he only ended up being aware once it had actually been mentioned by others and become viral. And when that took place, his panic action was to resolve it and deny it slightly and move the focus away. It took control of an hour for the 55-second video from “Dan Purdy” (William Holte) due to the fact that Dean had to get in contact with William, the one who normally ran the fake account( s), fill him in on what happened, determine what to do from there together, write a script for the video, and most likely tape a couple of takes.
Like I said, this is simply a theory. And whether it ends up being real or incorrect well most likely never ever understand, and, truthfully, it does not matter.
What matters is Dean Browning, a Republican Congressional prospect in the 2020 race, who is still verified on Twitter, and William Holte, a Republican donor, are pretending to be fictitious Black LGBTQ+ individuals in order to press an ideal wing program and more Dean Brownings political aspirations.
Simply put, what actually matters here is.
Fuck the both of them.
And likewise Patti LaBelle is an angel and does not be worthy of to be dragged into this mess.

Regarding the tweet that is going viral from my account– I was estimating a message that I received earlier today from a follower.Sorry if context was not clear.Trump received record minority votes & & record LGBTQ votes.Many individuals will not say it vocally, but carry out in private.– Dean Browning (@DeanBrowningPA) November 10, 2020.

So whoever posted that tweet about being “a gay Black man” did so before checking to make certain that theyre active on the correct account, which seems like a Scooby Doo-level fuck up to me, however hey, its probably difficult to manage a bunch of bullshit accounts at the same time. The only genuine concern left is, if both Dean and William were handling and had access to Deans and the fake accounts, then who shit the bed and tweeted from the incorrect account?
The fact is we dont know, and its impossible to state for sure.
However! I do have a theory.
Weve asserted that William Holte is smart at minimum on Facebook, Medium, and Twitter, so with that in mind–.
1. Anybody literate and well-versed in social media understands that the web is permanently.
Listen, as someone who also manages an individual account and a shared account (the company I work for, in this case) there is nothing like feeling your stomach fall out of your ass when you see that youve published from the incorrect account, and the instant response is “oh fuck delete erase delete.” That did not happen in this case. This accidental tweet was left up for so long that it amassed the attention of, well, practically everybody online, although Dean Browning just has around 50K fans and is not a key Republican by any ways.
That indicates whoever messed up didnt realize they messed up, and likewise didnt act rapidly enough to attempt and withdraw it.
2. The video published by William Holte presenting as “Dan Purdy” was, on all fronts, very fucking weird.
As mentioned in the above point, if you fuck the pooch this badly and you are the one handling the result, the action would be pretty instant. However in this case the first action was twenty minutes after the tweet in concern was posted, and that very first reaction was another tweet by Dean Browning that was … panicky at best.