August 4, 2021

Up To Speed with Julie Bowen: Lance Reddick

Julie Bowen is not just one of the busiest working stars, but shes likewise a mom of 3. In in between work and her homelife– shes desperate for strong connections and appealing conversation without disruption.
Star, and could-be rockstar, Lance Reddick signs up with Julie as they link over developing in Baltimore, how theyve been remaining hectic and their individual musical … prowess. Youll wish to get your house kazoo for this one!

Starring: Julie Bowen & & & Lance Reddick
Executive Producer: Julie Bowen
Executive Producer: Lenore Zerman
Executive Producer: Kathleen Trinh
Executive Producer: Whitney Hodack
Executive Producer: Kristen Tallon
Co-Executive Producer: Rowan Wheeler