June 16, 2021

Up To Speed with Julie Bowen: Retta

Julie Bowen is not just one of the busiest working stars, nevertheless shes likewise a mom of 3. In between work and her homelife– shes desperate for strong connections and appealing conversation without disruption. Some “Me Time.” And shes found the finest spot to enjoy it– her Cadillac XT6.
Comic and starlet Retta signs up with Julie as they discuss their different approaches to charity drive, shared love of the Italian language, and just how remarkably smart crows are … like, to an extremely frightening degree. They may have simply fulfilled as quickly as before, however these 2 are women who understand themselves, and all people feel like we just left a ladies night that we never ever wished to end.

Starring: Julie Bowen & & & Retta
Executive Producer: Julie Bowen
Executive Producer: Lenore Zerman
Executive Producer: Kathleen Trinh
Executive Producer: Whitney Hodack
Executive Producer: Kristen Tallon
Co-Executive Producer: Rowan Wheeler