June 14, 2021

Alright, Fine, Macaulay Culkin Has The Best Mask Ever

The top design product for all seasons for the foreseeable future, as all of us comprehend, is masks. So, making the finest of a bad (read: horrible and incredibly awful, jesus christ) scenario, weve all began purchasing, or making, if youve got the skill, our own customized masks. My mask is entirely black due to the fact that at this moment, that is a quite excellent representation of who I am within, merely an area.
The extremely finest customized mask goes to actor and king of the web, Macaulay Culkin.
You know those business that offer individualized masks that are literally prints of the bottom half of your face? Y know, so that individuals on the street can get a concept of what you appear like if your head had the really exact same frightening proportions and resolution of a PS2 video game character? Well, Macaulay has in fact hopped aboard that train, other than with one distinction– this one really kicks ass. Bear in mind, listen to Macaulay (and researchers too but whatever) and use your masks, no matter how scary!