July 30, 2021

John Oliver Is Not F*cking Around

Screenshot|Youtube/ Last Week Tonight I require this program to be 10 hours long Those who see Last Week Tonight understand that contrary to the name of his show, John Oliver in fact doesnt cover the events of the previous week very frequently, and instead does deep dives into extremely specific subjects like electronic voting devices or how the American education system sucks ass. Considering how hugely terrible the occasions of last week were, he couldnt sit idly by and say nothing.
Its one of the rare times were in fact living up to our shows title, unlike what must most likely be called 28 Minutes on the Corn Tax or Whatever the Fuck with John Oliver
He begins by talking about the borderline cult-like headache that was the Republican National Convention. Specifically, how 90% of everyones talking points were straight-up, farm fresh bullshit, the shockingly bad choice to have the other half and other half who waved guns at BLM protestors in St. Louis, and Mike Pence making a distinction in his speech between Americans and “our African-American neighbors.”
Hmm. A government authorities using rhetoric that refers to minorities as different from actual residents sure sounds familiar … Ah well, Im sure Ill Fürher– erm, figure it out.
Then he moves onto the rather glaring disparity in between how the authorities dealt with Jacob Blake versus how they treated Kyle Rittenhouse. The distinction being that Blake was shot in the back 7 times in front of his children and Rittenhouse was permitted to stroll off after he killed two individuals with an AR-15 rifle. Oh, after the polices provided him water.
This is undeniably some of John Olivers best, angriest (justifiably so), and essential work, but if you need more factor to view it, let it be for the for the definitely stunning beatdown he offers Jared Kushner.