June 16, 2021


Adam Waheed – 8.9 M followers (@adamw).

Oracle is still pursuing TikTok, and Trump has publicly backed the sale – most likely because, Larry Ellison, one of Trumps most significant (and richest) advocates owns the company. Its “amusing” how Trump tried to prohibit TikTok for being a “nationwide security danger,” however is now happily backing the app be sold to one of his good friends. TikTok is officially taking legal action against the Trump Administration! The business is arguing that the restriction was unconstitutional, denied them due process, and the Trump Administration overlooked the huge quantity of information that TikTok supplied demonstrating the security of user information. Oh, and another fun fact – Trump made this executive order without evidence that TikTok was a national security risk or giving user information to China.

What everything means: It appears like TikTok is probably safe from getting prohibited now that TikTok has numerous interested buyers … but we likewise still dont know what any of these companies will finish with the app once the acquisition occurs. Things appear more hopeful than they did a couple of weeks back.

TikTok CEO Kevin Mayer abruptly left the company (he was omitted from deal talks & & also … TikTok has actually been through a lot given that he began three months ago … so, I get it. I wouldnt want his job either at this point either).

Drew Talbert – 332K fans (@drew_talbert).

@washingtonpost Well update you more as the story establishes! #lawsuit #executiveorder ♬ Mi Pan Su Sus – itzmilpops.

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THERES NO WAY AN APP WITH OVER 500 MILLION ACTIVE USERS COULD HAVE ANYTHING FUNNY ON IT (sarcasm) Well, it looks like TikTok (probably) isnt going to get banned!! Woo! SUCK IT TRUMP!
To commemorate, I desired to spotlight the three funniest accounts I encountered this week: Adam Waheed, Drew Talbert and Mary-Alice Farina.
When I got the go-ahead to start composing this series, my employer had issues that we would not be able to discover 3 brand-new TikTok funny creators to include every week. I wasnt stressed due to the fact that – TikTok has over 500 million active users!
Even if I wrote about 3 various TikTokers every week for the rest of my life (which Im absolutely down to do!), I still would not have given the spotlight to all the extraordinary and deserving comedy creators on this app. Nevertheless, for as long as I can, Im going to feature the material creators that are going viral on TikTok today so that when they become big names in the mainstream comedy neighborhood, youll be able to state, “Hey – I understood about [ INSERT PERSON] before they were big.”
* P.S. the TikTok ban update has now permanently relocated to the bottom of the post. Scroll down for that!

If youve ever operated in the service industry, been to a dining establishment, consumed food, or just desire to be captivated: Drew Talbert is for you. Drew puts an unbelievable amount of work into each of his videos: the green-screening, the wigs, the outfit changes, the number of restaurant-related characters he plays so properly – and it TOTALLY pays off due to the fact that he has a few of the funniest (and most viral) dining-related material on the web. Beyond his TikTok popularity, he is also a teacher at The Groundlings (fun reality: my employer Will Ferrell was a student there!!).
How cooks will answer your questions based off of who you are & & what you appear like.
How waiters subtily get clients to leave whove overstayed their welcome.
Lies waiters inform when they forget to call your order in.

If you like Jim Carrey, you will enjoy Adam Waheed. Theres a factor this dude has nearly 9 million followers: he is basically a walking everyday under-a-minute sketch program. Adam makes consistently amusing content that blows daily scenarios hilariously out of percentage. He started on Vine, advanced Instagram, blew up on TikTok, and will continue to be extremely successful on any platform he pursues.
When theres too many parking limitations, attempting to park.
When u cant understand anything through a mask.
When you cant get comfortable during the night.

Mary-Alice Farina – 37K Followers (@itsmemaf).

@itsmemaf Miranda Priestly has some ideas. #stayhome #wearamask #thedevilwearsprada #merylstreep #impressions #comedy #UnitedWeDance #foryoupage #fyp ♬ original noise – itsmemaf.

TikTok is formally suing the Trump Administration! The company is arguing that the ban was unconstitutional, rejected them due procedure, and the Trump Administration neglected the massive amount of info that TikTok provided showing the security of user data. Oh, and another enjoyable truth – Trump made this executive order without proof that TikTok was a national security threat or providing user info to China.

If you didnt believe 2020 might get weirder, it just did:.
Oracle is still pursuing TikTok, and Trump has publicly endorsed the sale – likely since, Larry Ellison, one of Trumps greatest (and wealthiest) fans owns the business. Its “funny” how Trump tried to ban TikTok for being a “national security danger,” but is now happily backing the app be offered to one of his pals.

TikTok Sues U.S. Government Over Trump Ban (The New York Times).
Kevin Mayer didnt sign up for whatever happens to TikTok (The Verge).
Why Walmart Wants In On TikTok (Forbes).
Trump supports a TikTok acquisition by Oracle, whose chairman is a significant advocate (Business Insider).
Walmart Joins Microsoft In A Bid To Buy TikTok (NPR).

It is honestly revitalizing to see white people calling out other white people on their bad habits, and Mary-Alice Farina does it hilariously and flawlessly. She either imitates white people in positions of power to expose how inequitable (both discreetly and overtly) these persons can be, or she impersonates iconic characters to completely roast white individualss flawed reasoning and actions.
Employer talking to their one black worker.
Wasp mother responds to Harvard closing their school due to COVID.
What white ladies resemble when speaking about social justice.

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