December 3, 2022

Aur Bhai Aagaya Swaad – Meme Template

Aur Bhai Aagaya Swaad– Meme TemplateThe Aur Bhai. Aagaya Swaad meme stems from the video uploaded by Abhishek Upmanyu on his youtube channel in June 2018. In the video entitled Porn– Stand-Up Comedy, Upamanyu tells a story in which a young boy got captured enjoying porn by his dad. When the kid called his buddy Ayush (who gave the pornography CD) to notify him about the tragedy that happened at his house, Ayush after getting the phone said, “Aur Bhai? Aagya Swaad?” The action from Ayush is paradoxical with regard to funny effect.

Abhishek UpmanyuStand Up funny

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